Samantha Dalby

Founder & CEO

Certified Financial Fiduciary

Samantha Dalby, Founder and CEO of Essential Trust Financial began her career in the financial industry just over 8 years ago while having the pleasure of working with industry experts, among some of the most knowledgeable and well respected advisors in the industry. She learned the true importance of proper financial planning and working with trusted individuals at a young age.

 Just 6 days before Christmas of 2003, her father unexpectedly passed away due to a sudden heart attack. Her family lived in an affluent community, and she watched idly as her family quickly deteriorated after this sudden loss. He was not only a loved one but the family’s primary source of income. Although her father was extremely skilled in his field, there was a lack of financial planning coupled with no life insurance. In the years following, her mother was desperate to stabilize the family and partnered with an investment advisor. He promised her excessively high returns knowing she was a widow in an unsteady position. She refinanced the estate and invested with him, and ultimately lost over $1.7 million and learned he was leading a $61 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Samantha was abruptly thrown into the role of an adult, charged with repairing these financial hardships. This crisis cultivated a desire in her to not only correct her family’s situation but to ensure that she would ensure other families would not experience hardships like this.  At 8 years old, Samantha began helping her mother with financial matters. She enjoyed working with numbers, excel spreadsheets ,and tax matters from a young age. Samantha’s drive for success paired with passion for an often overlooked but essential aspect of life  led her into the finance world. Various years of rigorous training, leadership roles, and a true drive for more purpose led her to starting her own company.

She founded Essential Trust Financial as a company aligned with her personal goals of serving her community with not only trust and integrity but with the knowledge required to provide distinguished financial services. As a Certified Financial Fiduciary, she is held to the highest standard of acting in good faith, care, and loyalty to always ensure her client’s best interest.

Essential Trust Financial understands the importance and value of trust as we feel it is the baseline to a strong long-lasting successful relationship.

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